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The City that Walks on Water - Blog Post 1

Get To Know The Project.

The City that Walks on Water Project (CTWOW) is a community led creative exploration of Southend-on-Sea’s historical legacy. It aims to create a dramatic and inclusive theatrical blueprint that informs and engages the rich and diverse heritage that has made a small fishing village into a thriving city.

You could be part of it too!

CTWOW will work with local community groups using historical research and storytelling to find the people whose lives echo current times, and move history away from weighty tomes and dry lectures to playful scripts and engaging stories that will bring heritage to life across generations.

When can you come down and enjoy the experience?

CTWOW will be performed on Southend Pier from the 19th to the 23rd of September 2023, and will focus on the powerful real-life human dramas that have unfolded since the inception of the Pier in the 1830s. Each of the scenes will be constructed to work as a standalone performance, as well as an immersive theatrical piece, inspired by archive and memory.

Importantly, the project will also preserve the history of the real past lives of the city: Each dramatic piece will be based on the true story behind it. Like the pier itself– CTWOW will be a gateway to further heritage interest and engagement of the rich and vaired past of Southend-on-Sea City and the villages that formed it.

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